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7 years / 165+ successful projects team of 9 designers
We collect the best team from different parts of the world
We define key processes for the client and implement technologies
We remove unnecessary processes that do not affect the result
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Business cards
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For whom this offer?
It is necessary to me modern design of the business card.  
  • Let's provide 1/2/3 concepts of design of the business card
  • Free adaptation of data of the personalized business card for all employees ;
  • Design projection to business cards (3D).
  • Let's make in 4 days.
  • Matching of color and font
  • Final files are ready for a seal (.ai)
  • Discount of 10% for other services.
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For whom this offer?
I have a logo, I need the modern corporate style.
  • Development of design enters: logos/business cards/forms/envelopes/folders
  • Design 2/3/4 concepts of all elements of the corporate style
  • Adaptation of data of the personalized business card for all employees free of charge
  • Design projection to surfaces of the corporate styles
  • Development of the corporate style - of 3 days
  • Matching of color and font of a logo
  • Initial files are ready for a seal (.ai)
  • Discount for other services of design of 10%
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For whom this offer? 
I need a modern logo for my company
  • Let's provide 2/4/6 different concepts + completion
  • Logo projections to surfaces (business cards/t-shirts/packagings)
  • Let's make in 4 days
  • Matching of color and font
  • Final files are ready for a seal (.ai) (.ai)
  • Ravines on a transparent background (.png)
  • Discount from 10% for other services.
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For whom this offer?
I need stylish design of packaging.  
  • We do design: a packaging/box/container for liquids / loose / a packet
  • Let's provide 1/2 designs + completion
  • The exact cost and terms after discussion of details
  • Design projections to a surface of a product (3D)
  • Let's make in 3 days
  • Final files are ready for a seal (.ai)
  • Discount of 10% for other services
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You can contact us one of the next ways:


     +38 (099) 175 77 10  
  Skype - besedalogo  
     Ukraine, Kiev, Ivan Kudri St., 7


Corporate Logo Design

Corporate Logo Design and corporate identity development - are key concepts in delusions of identity, that is, in its visual identity. Gagarinstudio company and our experts perfectly understand of this process, the main task - to allocate your advertising from the thousands of similar and be able to sell the product. For this reason, we ensure that the performance of each order will be based on the motivation of behavior, psychology, sales, and will be in close connection with the economic, marketing and sociology.

Problems with payment won't be. We work with all popular payment service providers.

The first step - the most important

With the creation of the logo and corporate identity begins realization of your ambitious project. Why do you need it? The answer is simple: competition in any business today is so great that the usual criteria for the choice of the consumer of a product (quality, price, geography) receded into the background. Who took the leadership role of communication, so memorable logo or brand to attract the customer's attention to your offer. We are responsible not only for the creation of identity, but also for her close emotional connection with the target audience.


Why cooperate with it Gagarinstudio?

For over 6 years the specifics of our company is:

• Design of logos and corporate identity;

Design of business cards, design letterheads, packaging, advertising;

Web design.

During this time we have created hundreds of successful projects and bring them to life. Our customers are not only domestic, but also foreign customers. They choose cooperation with Gagarinstudio, because our team fulfills all the requirements for registration of memorable advertising project. You can be sure that the order will always be:


• Expedient. Will fully correspond to the area of the company;

• Recognizable. The logo will be associated with the brand;

• Durable. The executed order will not lose its relevance long after its establishment;

• Harmonious. A team of experienced designers thoroughly owns the knowledge of how colors affect their perception;

• Ideological. Before creating a logo, we analyze all the values and activities of the contracting company.


Based on different technologies and communication tools we are able to carry out analysis of the situation of the market and, if necessary, modify directly in the process. With our company you get the part of the service, and a full range of: designing logos and styles, design packaging, design advertising, elaborate concept, its implementation and analysis of results. If you have something does not suit, we are free to offer several options to choose from.

Stop fighting with business sharks alone, leave the job to professionals! We can transform any company into a "royal."

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